The Second Conference of Islamic Finance
Saturday, 02 November 2019 09:56 563

After the successful first conference on Islamic Finance on December 27, 2015, the Association of Islamic Finance Conference on Islamic finance plans to suit the intentions of the Supreme Leader and named this year the "economy of resistance, action", with a focus on "the role of Islamic financial markets operating a policy of resistance economy", in collaboration with academic and theological centers, banks, insurance and capital markets pillars of the country I hold in January 2017 in Al-Zahra University. At the conference, researchers presented their latest achievements in the field of Islamic finance in terms of banking, insurance and stock exchange as well as senior officials the country's economic pay their speech.
Byashd conference topics are as follows:
-Nqsh Islamic financial markets operating a policy of resistance economy
- The role of banks in the money market and operational strength of economic policies
- The role of Islamic capital market and securities in operational policies resistive economy
- The insurance industry's role in operating the economic policy of resistance
- Feasibility, design, pricing and pathology of Islamic financial instruments according to the principles of resistance economy
- Feasibility study and design new strategies for economic interaction with international financial institutions in terms of Psathrym

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