Ten-year strategic plan for the Iranian Association of Islamic Finance (National dimension)
Tuesday, 29 October 2019 17:05 558

Systematic and effective interaction with experts and activists of the Islamic finance, including:

Main elements and activists in the financial system (capital market, money market, insurance market)

Decision making bodies (Government, parliament, guardian council, expediency discernment council and …)

1-Universities and scientific and research centers.

2-Offices of great religious authorities.

3-National and international related associations and organization.

4-Experts in the field of Islamic finance.

5-Upgrade the association to a scientific pole in the field of Islamic finance (human resource, publications, articles and books).

6-To follow an active media strategy (reflecting the association news on TV, in print and virtual media, social network and …).

7-To follow a scientific approach and avoidance of politicization.

8-Promotion of the Islamic finance literacy.

9-Continuous expansion of member network (real and legal).

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