Road Map For Iranian Association of Islamic Finance (Association perspective in 1404)
Tuesday, 29 October 2019 17:10 1441

Iranian association of Islamic finance should have the following traits in 1404:

Expert, dominant, effective, efficient in theoretical and practical aspects of Islamic finance in national and regional level.


1-Effective relationship as a consultant with national institutions active in the field of finance.

2-Effective and continuous interaction with international associations, universities and other institutions working in the field of Islamic finance.

3-Achieving well- known and role-playing position in the theoretical and practical researches in the field of Islamic finance (Islamic banking, Islamic capital market and Islamic insurance)
in national and international dimension.

4-Systematic and effective interaction with national and international researchers and experts in the field of Islamic finance.

5-Issuing authentic Persian and English books, articles and publications in the field of Islamic finance.

6-Being as a complete example of implementation of knowledge base model in the field of Islamic finance.

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