Five-year Operational Plan for the Iranian Association of Islamic Finance (National Dimension)
Sunday, 27 October 2019 23:02 37936

Theorizing and holding freethought seats and workshops in the form of monthly meetings.

Holding the Islamic finance conference annually.

Holding short- term, mid- term and long- term courses independently or jointly (including DBA,MBA,…) .

Conducting research projects at the international level by utilizing the maximum capacity of professionals in the field of Islamic finance including money market, capital market, insurance and other related areas.

Cooperating with executive, scientific and research institutions in the area of assessment, review and carrying out projects and executing programs pertinent to research and educational affairs in the field of Islamic finance.

Planning to detect problems in the local financial markets and providing suggestions based on the Sharia through the specialized committees of the Association.

Establishing a publication unit and publishing specialized books in the field of Islamic finance.

Publishing scientific papers in the field of Islamic finance.

Compiling books and articles in the field of Islamic finance.

Purchasing an independent building for the Association.

Launching comprehensive databases for Islamic finance resources (including articles, theses,…) on the Association’s website.

Guiding research and students' theses in order to meet the needs of society by offering research topics needed for the society, in the field of Islamic finance.

Recruiting real and legal persons.

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