The First Conference of Islamic Finance
Saturday, 02 November 2019 09:43 1536

Iranian Association of Islamic Finance in achieving their goals as well as to establish the position of the Islamic financial issue and the role and function in the country's economic development, "the first Islamic Finance Conference" in collaboration with academic and theological centers, banks, insurers and capital market fundamentals the country on December 27, 2015 at the University of Al-Zahra held. At the conference, researchers presented their latest achievements in the field of Islamic finance in terms of banking, insurance and stock exchange officials also talked and talked.
The first conference on Islamic finance issues:
A proportionally larger share of the development of Islamic financial instruments in the money market, capital and insurance
-Jaygah Islamic finance in the money market, capital and insurance
-Nqsh Islamic financial instruments in the development of export
Then the doctor Saif Governor of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the doctor Pour vice president of the Management and Planning made speeches.
After them, the Muslim cleric and doctor Mousavis member of the board of directors and scientific secretary of the conference, an article entitled "The legal and financial feasibility of inflation protected bonds" were offered.
After a short break, the first expert panel meeting with the doctor Rhnmazv board of directors of Islamic finance and vice president of the Islamic Azad University, doctor Said a member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Director Supervision of Financial Institutions and the doctor Saba Hosseini, a member of the board and CEO Energy Exchange held .
Meeting in the afternoon with a speech by Professor Byda ... İsmet Pasha Islamic finance professor at the University of INCEIF Malaysia with the theme "Financing infrastructure development without leverage, the risk division using innovative sukuk structures," he continued.
The second expert panel meeting on "the financial market's compliance with Shari'ah standards" with the doctor Divandari head of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute as money market expert, doctor Mahdavi Kelishami a trustee of the Institute of Insurance and the insurance industry as an expert doctor Saleh Abadi, Chairman Islamic Finance Forum and CEO of export development Bank of Iran and former head of the securities and exchange held as a capital market expert.
The papers in the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) Islamic World Science Citation) (Center for Scientific Information and Database (SID) (Scientific Information Database) were indexed.

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