Cooperation of the IAIF in holding the 12th international course of Islamic capital market (ICM)
Saturday, 18 July 2020 18:42 ICM islamic capital market 12th ICM IAIF 31

The Exchange and Securities Organization, with the participation of reputable domestic and international scientific centers, including the Iranian Association of Islamic finance...

The Securities and Exchange Organization plans to hold the 12th International Islamic Capital Markets (ICM) online due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and the protection of the health of guests and the prevention of potential risks.

This event has been held for 11 years in cooperation with IDB Islamic Development Bank and IRTI Islamic Research and Training Institute (IDB training arm.)

However, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and take preventive measures to protect the health of all participants, the Securities and Exchange Organization intends to hold this course virtually for the first time.

This is the fourth time that the Iranian Association of Islamic Finance cooperates with the Securities and Exchange Organization.

The main topic of this course is "Appropriate Approach to Emerging Islamic Financial Issues" and the main topics include: FinTech and the Islamic Capital Market, "Governance, Society and ESG Environment" and "SRI Socially Responsible Investment" in the Islamic Capital Market, matters of innovation and regulation, and efficient patterns of government Sukuk issuance.

More than a decade has passed since the uninterrupted holding of this course in the Iranian capital market, and this course has gained its international status and prestige.

12th ICM with the cooperation of a number of prestigious and well-known international universities and institutes, including: Imam Sadiq (AS) University, Iranian assosiation of islamic finance, International Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance of Malaysia (IRCIEF), Istanbul Zaim University (IZM) Turkey, Association of Kazakhstan's Islamic Finance Professionals (AIFP) and the Islamic Finance News (IFN) are held as "media partners".

So far, more than 500 foreign thinkers from more than 40 Muslim and non-Muslim foreign countries have participated in these courses and benefited from the experiences of Iran Islamic capital market .

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